as copied from ben force..

from his blog on the ol' myspace...

"Monday, March 06, 2006

Current mood: nostalgic

I just talked to Cuj (aka Ruby, Ruby Sue, Rubix Cuj, Rob Suchan) and according to him we'll be laying down demos this week for Koufax LP4. It seems as though Dave Shettler is back aboard Team KFX, which is good news. I rarely see Dave and it's a shame. I'll post updates and whatnot (if anyone even ready this shite)."

i hate when he does this

jared likes to drunk dial you from bars and tell you're lame for staying home and studying.
he also likes to call you with road rage b/c he's stuck in ridiculous traffic.
he also likes to claim that you never call him back when you really do. but when you do call him back he has to go b/c a psycho showed up at his house.
silly boy.
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im going to see koufax on july 11 they are playing w/ motion city soundtrack...
anyone in chicago going to that??

oh onw of my fav koufax song is their version of joe jackson's steppin' out..